About Me

Welcome to Shorten Consultancy, a platform dedicated to providing professional research, writing, and human rights consultancy services.

I hold an International Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Law, and an Advanced LLM in International Children's Rights. I have published many articles on human rights, women's rights, democracy, justice reform, and climate change. Currently,

Currently, I serve as the Communications and Research Manager at Align Social Impact, a New York-based consultancy firm focused on global health, climate change, women's rights, and access to education.

In addition to my role at Align Social Impact, I am honored to serve as the EU Ambassador of the Cambodian Human Rights Action Coalition (CHRAC) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Within this capacity, I actively promote justice reform initiatives.

I am also working as a consultant for Migrant Workers, Justice and The Rule of Law led by human rights defender Andy Hall. I provide consultancy and research services in identifying instances of forced labour, human trafficking and modern day slavery within global supply chains.

Previously, I worked for UNICEF and the UCD Foundation in fundraising and communications roles.

I am always open to exploring new opportunities and collaborating with individuals and organizations that share my passion for creating meaningful change. Please feel free to reach out to me through the provided contact links below.